Luxury Pack | Monocultivar Itrana 250ml
Cold Extracted | 100% made in Italy
Acidity 0.021 Peroxides7.14
K270 0,08 K232 1,53 ΔK 0,004

OR’oleum has the following features: a golden yellow color with green highlights. A very complex and intense aroma. To the taste, it has a slightly bitter taste that brings freshness and vivacity, highlighted by spicy but delicate touch like a pinch of pepper. Aroma of fresh tomato is present. The soft and silky texture gives a harmonious wake to the mouth. OR’oleum is tasted from starters to desserts. OR’oleum is a teacher who leads the melody of the products throughout the world. This oil enhances the exceptional aromas and the flavors of all the cuisines of the world. From ancient Rome this Itrana juice has been on the table of the Caesars.
This packaging is hand made, product is available in minimum quantities of 20 packs. Please place an order at least 30 days before the desired delivery.
Only bottle available within the expected delivery time .